Cold Jet i3 MicroClean Example 2 of the On-Going Series of Technological Updates

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Another great example of staying cutting-edge in the medical device industry is our new

Cold Jet i3 MicroClean Precision Cleaning and Product Finishing System

a very cool addition to the C-Axis finishing department…quite literally.

Cold Jet

Featuring Cold Jet’s patented shaved MicroParticle technology, the single hose electric MicroClean is an incredible performer especially when precision counts.

Using a revolutionary dry-ice micro-particle cleaning delivery media, this environmentally responsible system enables us to safely clean delicate surfaces, complex cavities and deeper crevices without surface abrasion, disassembly or harmful secondary waste.

Medical Device OEM’s in need of specific and particular finishing requirements find the performance outcomes from this new capability outstanding.

Keep your eyes open for the latest on new equipment and capabilities that bring greater options for our customers in our  Ongoing Series of Technological Updates at C-Axis

In the coming months, we will share our continuing efforts in uncovering the newest technologies and additions to the C-Axis line of medical device manufacturing equipment. All designed to bring a more complete service-set to every Medical Device OEM we serve.

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ZEISS O-INSPECT Example 1 of Our On-Going Series of Technological Updates

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A great example of C-Axis remaining technology-based and cutting-edge is our

ZEISS O-INSPECT Multi-Sensor Measuring Equipment

The “O-INSPECT” enables us to accurately measure every characteristic, optically or by contact.

The ZEISS O-INSPECT delivers unmatched 3D accuracy compliant with stringent ISO 13485 standards.

C-Axis, being known for our abilities to perform within extremely tight and detailed tolerances, has found our medical device OEM customers are bringing us many more drawings falling into the ‘precisely-detailed’ category.

Consequently, it became evident that in order to purely examine the validity, we needed the ability to measure the outcomes in a more precise manner.

The O-INSPECT allows us to perform in that way. This highly-effective measuring tool is a welcome addition to our robust metrology offering.

Keep your eyes open for the latest on new equipment and capabilities that bring greater options for our customers in our Ongoing Series of Technological Updates at C-Axis

Download our Zeiss_O-INSPECT Brochure

Medical Technology: Series Announcement

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(An ongoing Series of Technological Updates at C-Axis)

The C-Axis #1 Priority: Remain Technology-Based and Stay Cutting-Edge
New Equipment and Capability Decisions Bring Greater Options for Customers

Staying current with the world of medical device technology and how it changes with each new innovation can be a daunting task. It is nearly a full-time position. 

Now, couple that with the vast amount of “think-tanks” and “brain-trusts” Medtech employs to enhance the research for newer ways to assist clinicians in their ever-diligent quest to find answers for human healing. 

It is stunning what is becoming available to specialized companies like C-Axis. It needs to be a vital part of the contract manufacturer’s role.

Where to look? What is available? How will a certain piece of equipment or an enhanced model of a current capability be of assistance?

The myriad of questions are all valid, but the best answers lie directly in what we can use, and how extensions of our already robust capability can provide, positive affects on the outcome of our customer’s requirements.

That’s the best approach in deciding what we add into our capability-mix. But, it takes time, a great deal of thought and analysis; yet, it is absolutely necessary to remain technology-based and stay cutting edge. That is the C-Axis way and has been from the start.

In this weblog special series, we will begin sharing some of these key decisions and the reasoning behind them.

It will hopefully bring new light regarding how C-Axis thinks, and why we believe a more thorough approach to customer need can often make the difference between being able to afford a new medical breakthrough, or not. (We are after affordability, by the way.)


Medical Developer Partnerships

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Medical Developer Partnerships – A New Consideration

The medical developer manufacturing world and their customers have tried to define their relationship with a myriad of words and phrases over the years.

Words used might start with Contract, Developer, Product, Component or Process which are possibly followed by Manufacturing, Management or Partnership.

The end result usually means the two are engaged in business and the relationship will hopefully carry-on over time.

They are just words… but, not at C-Axis.

What does it take to be awarded a coveted place on a premiere Medtech OEM’s Global Supplier’s List, or a Preferred Vendor List, or consistently given accolades for integrity within manufacturing and gained trust showing performance above and beyond on a continuous level?

It takes complete dedication to one global marketplace: precision manufacturing and creative development for the betterment and satisfaction of the Medical Device Community.

The word “dedication” has strength, or at least we think it should. Because when a Medtech OEM finds a manufacturing company which has defined their unique role within medical device manufacturing and built a business around every facet of that important list, only then can they strike a balance of “partnership”. Why would any medical device OEM want to form a partnership with a company who can not perform in a complete manner?

A company so dedicated to a specific market-segment that they can anticipate the needs, demonstrate perseverance and find new roads to travel while never giving up on uncovering process procedures which allow for the best possible outcomes.

The complete manufacturing service offering includes the right talent, the best equipment, facilities designed for optimum performance and possessing certifications required to produce the most quality-efficient parts, components and assemblies possible.

That kind of dedication to the medical device communities they singularly serve, is shown every day; their customers know it, see it and want to partner with it.

This is the C-Axis definition of Developer Partnership.

A place of trust, mutual respect and specialized performance all dedicated to one main purpose: Help every medical device customer succeed.

Precision Machining

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Precision Machining for the Medical Industry

Implantable Medical Devices

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C-Axis Specializes in Manufacturing Medical Device Components

C-Axis Uses PartMaker Software

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Partmaker Software Helps Medical Device Manufacturer

Featured-PartMaker-SoftwareUsing Delcam’s PartMaker CAM software has given medical device manufacturer C-Axis the ability to manufacture complex, high-quality medical parts very efficiently. The company uses a range of six multi-axis CNC mills and Swiss-type lathes, the most complex of which is a twelve-axis Star ECAS-20T. Of course, when programming such sophisticated parts on such complex machines, being able to quote, program and set jobs up efficiently is paramount.

Open PDF for complete article.
C-Axis uses PartMaker Software

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