ZEISS O-INSPECT Example 1 of Our On-Going Series of Technological Updates

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A great example of C-Axis remaining technology-based and cutting-edge is our

ZEISS O-INSPECT Multi-Sensor Measuring Equipment

The “O-INSPECT” enables us to accurately measure every characteristic, optically or by contact.

The ZEISS O-INSPECT delivers unmatched 3D accuracy compliant with stringent ISO 13485 standards.

C-Axis, being known for our abilities to perform within extremely tight and detailed tolerances, has found our medical device OEM customers are bringing us many more drawings falling into the ‘precisely-detailed’ category.

Consequently, it became evident that in order to purely examine the validity, we needed the ability to measure the outcomes in a more precise manner.

The O-INSPECT allows us to perform in that way. This highly-effective measuring tool is a welcome addition to our robust metrology offering.

Keep your eyes open for the latest on new equipment and capabilities that bring greater options for our customers in our Ongoing Series of Technological Updates at C-Axis

Download our Zeiss_O-INSPECT Brochure

Medtech Process Design

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Medtech Process Design – A New Meaning

Many manufacturing entities claim great customer service and attention to detail. Many are very good at their professional expertise.

 However, it is important to note, at C-Axis, our dedication to all areas of precision manufacturing completely center upon the needs of the Medtech world.

We have honed specific skill-sets, continued to increase our capabilities and service offering, all in a constant quest to gain something that is virtually impossible to purchase…trust from our customers and their belief that C-Axis will always uncover the very best manufacturing process design and control-plans possible—up-front.

This is a major part of our DNA. This critical talent often provides significant cost-savings, minimizes time-to-market and helps to create a better part, component or assembly.

 Call it extremely mindful preparation and readiness for consistent success; we are redefining Process Design and have honed our offering to exceed current need and aim to stay ahead of that curve well into the future. It is on our customers behalf.

It helps immensely, housing on-site capability and equipment chosen with great care and efficiency, specifically in order to gain greater credibility when creating our signature C-Axis Pre-form Engineering process guidelines.

 These exclusive studies meticulously outline every step of each development stage within the “pre-manufacturing” timeline.

 Utilization of several noteworthy elements include 3, 4 and 5 axis high-speed milling, precision fixturing and work-holding devices using a modular set-up system to greatly reduce time, high-end Zeiss inspection equipment and recently integrated in-house 3D printing for initial prototype and product development analysis helping to eliminate problems up-front and greatly enhance the overall process design of most any Medtech part, component or assembly.

With 2-day prototyping capability, new equipment, upgraded facility content and management personnel, C-Axis is poised, like no other time in its history, to make a vital, positive impact upon the manner, work-flow, and process which your design requires.

 With consistent, up-front analysis, a capability-rich, professional work-force and highly-specialized equipment; you are invited to find answers here, not guesses or trial-efforts.

 Here, is your new meaning of real Process Design within the demanding, ever-evolving and highly-respected medical device community.

Quality Initiatives at C-Axis!

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Purposeful Medtech Performance Surrounding Quality Initiatives at C-Axis




The professionals at C-Axis believe QUALITY is often a term simply aligned with ISO Certifications and Inspection Procedures. While both are of vast importance to the medical device community, especially when considering a Medtech manufacturing partner, QUALITY at C-Axis encompasses a greater-good to every customer; traveling far past those quite obvious, but vitally necessary elements.

Take for example, the seemingly obsessive need to be as current and streamlined as possible regarding manufacturing process and procedure. C-Axis is consistently improving itself internally to best serve the Medtech world. Within the Minnesota facility alone, the company has gone through an extensive overhaul of machine tools, upgrading and replacing outdated and obsolete equipment, adding new technology to the already robust mix, and remains on-course to perform such evaluations on a continuous-basis, not just when the time “feels right”.

This facility is consistently upgraded for speed and accuracy. Most recently, C-Axis added dedicated workstations for specific processes. This was implemented to focus areas of the facility to certain tasks, making for quality-assessments to happen on a nearly hourly, sometimes minute-to-minute basis. This operational decision also aides the professionals who perform the tasks for greater personal well-being, limiting exposure to possible safety issues and minimizing risk of performance breaches.

The building itself has been the subject of ongoing upgrades, inside and out, all for the advancement of minimizing risk and enhancing quality control. The Vision System was added for steady, reliable in-process inspection procedures. (Please read more on the Quality Page of this site).

The company has even upgraded its environmental safety quotients making all workstations free from pests and insect-agents, while assisting the planet with greener initiatives.

C-Axis is ISO 13485 Registered and continuously follows-through with the systems and quality efficiencies necessary to stay ahead of the pack. But now you know, this company goes beyond what most precision manufacturing companies simply settle for; C-Axis believes QUALITY (and all they feel it stands for) is a #1 Priority, no matter what.

Start by giving C-Axis a call. Your contact is Scott Manea, he can be reached at

763-478-8982 (in Puerto Rico please call 787-961-5120) or send a message to: scottm@c-axis.com