C-Axis PR Featured In Production Machining Magazine

Machine in ParadiseOne medical parts job shop is taking its business to the next level in Puerto Rico with the right CAM system.

Puerto Rico brings to mind visages of relaxation and vacation—cruise ships, baseball, and Pin~a Colada. High-tech multi-axis lathes and cutting edge CAD/CAM technology fall pretty low on the list of images that sing “Caribbean paradise”. As it turns out, Puerto Rico is a world leader for medical device manufacturing, shipping well over $2 billion worth of medical devices per year. The tiny island U.S. commonwealth is eighth on the world list of medical device shipments.

Jeff Haley, founder and CEO of C-Axis Inc., a Minnesota-based job shop, recognized the unique opportunity for contract manufacturing of medical devices in Puerto Rico and took the plunge by opening a plant there in 2003, just six years after starting his company in Hamel, Minnesota. Since then, C-Axis’s Puerto Rican operation has flourished, growing to upwards of 50 employees to serve a number of the leading medical device companies with major operations there.

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Posted on by Scott Manea in Puerto Rico