The C-Axis, Medical Device Manufacturer – ENHANCED TECHNOLOGY SERIES, Vol. 3

 Without any doubt, in order to stay as current as possible and to remain at the top of the game, any Medical Device Manufacturing Partner must consistently look at the internal functionality of their facilities.

We must analyze each work station for maximum reliability and capability, and then draw conclusions to expand, delete, enhance or blend manufacturing abilities. This must be done to gain the greatest return for customer investment, confirmation of their particular needs and requirements, and in some cases, to make sure we have the better chance at saying ‘YES WE CAN DO THAT’ when customers present C-Axis with their many technical drawings, ideas and often multiple iterations within their own development process.

In the medical device manufacturing field, this has become increasingly evident as we are confronted with incredibly intricate detailing. The fine-details, including extremely tight tolerances, the juxtaposition of holes, slots and grooves, the various metals to allow for maximum end-user success and the exactness of what has become known as ‘true precision’ is becoming more and more commonplace.

Therefore, it is with great pride we present #3 in our exclusive C-Axis Enhanced Technology Series.

As many of you know who read these Blog Entries regularly, the Enhanced Technology Series is meant to give readers a greater understanding of what we can do, but often the reasons why these additions or enhancements were made.

Rest assured, a lot of thought goes into each acquisition.

Most technology that exists today is not cheap. But, in the final analysis, most all decisions are made to gain greater, more effective and efficient capability for our valued Medical Device OEM customer and ultimately providing the means to help them save lives.

So, we have 3 technological enhancements to share with you today. All are housed in our Minneapolis facility (our 2nd facility is located in Puerto Rico).


A short time ago, we decided to add a particularly robust machining capability by installing the 12mm Multi-Axis Swiss-type Automatic Lathe. This is a machining marvel in terms of what it can do, especially when operated by the manufacturing experts at C-Axis.

The new Swiss optimizes complex machining of small diameter, difficult to cut materials while using a multi-axis controller for high-speed complex machining.

The high output spindle outputs extreme efficiency. The C-axis control combines the main and sub-spindles with applications of various tool units enabling secondary machining in vast array of combinations.

* The Swiss can drill extremely small holes by mounting a high-speed rotary tool with drilling speeds up to 12,000 revolutions.

* Faster machining, versatile tooling, precise, powerful machining

* 2-axis controlled gang tool post can be fitted with several turning tools and power-driven attachments

* Y, B, and E axes of control enhance our capability to produce complex parts in difficult steels, alloys, metal materials

* A 9-axis controller

* Machines parts up to 13mm


Next up in this 3rd Series is our addition of a particularly effective internal tooling selector system called a Tool Bin System.

For many years, machinists needing specific tooling to conduct their particular requirement had no other way to seek the proper tooling than to go find it.

Here, every tool is in its proper place, everything is automated, logged, computerized and cross-checked.

We know where every tool we use and own is at any given time.

We are organized at C-Axis. Everyone benefits.

This storage unit offers secure inventory control, accountability of tool usage, and flexibility in storage options.

* Cut tooling inventory, often by 50% or more

* Decreases spending on new tools by up to 30%

* Reduces our administrative costs significantly, by as much as 90%

* Integrate Tool Bin Systems with the NOVO app to monitor real-time
inventory during process planning


We saved the best for last; a few weeks ago, we received our brand new Mitsubishi WIRE EDM Station.

As a reminder, Wire EDM is a CNC machining process whereby an electrified, very thin wire is submerged in water and is surrounded by a ring of current allowing for the smallest and most precise multi-axis cutting paths. The process is extremely attractive inside medical device manufacturing.

Our new MD+Pro III utilizes a completely new non-contact, friction-free round linear shaft motor system to drive the X & Y machine axes through an all optical fiber servo system.

The MD+PRO III is a revolution in Wire EDM technology and was specifically created for optimum performance inside advanced medical device manufacturing facilities.

It is with these types of innovative enhancements in manufacturing technology that provides C-Axis greater ways to reach more specific goals and requirements of our valued customers.

The objective is to always say “YES” when any customer asks, “Can you do that?”

Not only can we do that, we can do it on-time, on-budget and often at greater ranges and tolerances of precision; due, in large part, to our consistently growing manufacturing technology.

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