Transparency within the Medical Device Community

 We at C-Axis wanted to set the record straight regarding our usage of the word, transparency. It’s important. So much so, that it has greatly assisted us in our growth within the medical device manufacturing community.

 Transparency has become a hot-word over the past few years. The one thing wrong with the word may reside in the fact it can often mean different “levels” of transparency to different people and companies.

This is true both within a company’s internal structure and when sharing information with customers. That is true, because our customers have told us, not because it’s what we think.

Transparency to us is automatically coupled with two other areas of importance: honesty, and openness. This means, if we have an answer to a question, it will be our best answer, and never a guess.

C-Axis does not guess, or make-up an answer to appease, our communication will be given freely, without reservation with honest content.

We have come to understand that “communication” can only be truly achieved when both parties involved confirm exactly what the other is stating.

To experience full communication, especially within the world of medical device contract manufacturing, our interaction may contain confirming questions and answers which eventually lead to the level of synergy required. That is the consistent goal, and we are good at achieving it.

Truthfulness is also a current buzz-term, especially when considering the use of “alternative facts”.

At C-Axis, there are no “alternative facts”, only real, honest, truthful and transparent facts. That is how we talk with each other, and that is how we share with our customers. It works best.

From prototype development through important concurrent engineering phases, all areas of medical device product development must have “completeness” in meaning.

When information that is shared, is information to be believed, planned-upon, given the highest credibility and is always found to be correct, only then can we claim we’ve provided full-service to our customers.

We have found, when considering precision manufacturing, especially for the medical device community, it’s actually quite easy to be very accurate with our answers and communication both internally and with every customer. This is a business born from exactness, where the smallest of detail overlooked will reveal itself quickly.

Having the proper quality initiatives in-place, tested and in-tact vastly assists us in achieving this level of communication integrity.

Find out why your medical device or part design and production-methodology could be in better hands by calling C-Axis for a thorough, honest and transparent review.
Posted on by Scott Manea in Medical Device, Medical Device Manufacturer