C-Axis Boston Trade Show

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C-Axis Medical Contract Manufacturer will be in Booth 348

Looking Forward to Seeing You in Boston May 3-4 2017


Medical Device Manufacturing Transparency

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Transparency within the Medical Device Community

 We at C-Axis wanted to set the record straight regarding our usage of the word, transparency. It’s important. So much so, that it has greatly assisted us in our growth within the medical device manufacturing community.

 Transparency has become a hot-word over the past few years. The one thing wrong with the word may reside in the fact it can often mean different “levels” of transparency to different people and companies.

This is true both within a company’s internal structure and when sharing information with customers. That is true, because our customers have told us, not because it’s what we think.

Transparency to us is automatically coupled with two other areas of importance: honesty, and openness. This means, if we have an answer to a question, it will be our best answer, and never a guess.

C-Axis does not guess, or make-up an answer to appease, our communication will be given freely, without reservation with honest content.

We have come to understand that “communication” can only be truly achieved when both parties involved confirm exactly what the other is stating.

To experience full communication, especially within the world of medical device contract manufacturing, our interaction may contain confirming questions and answers which eventually lead to the level of synergy required. That is the consistent goal, and we are good at achieving it.

Truthfulness is also a current buzz-term, especially when considering the use of “alternative facts”.

At C-Axis, there are no “alternative facts”, only real, honest, truthful and transparent facts. That is how we talk with each other, and that is how we share with our customers. It works best.

From prototype development through important concurrent engineering phases, all areas of medical device product development must have “completeness” in meaning.

When information that is shared, is information to be believed, planned-upon, given the highest credibility and is always found to be correct, only then can we claim we’ve provided full-service to our customers.

We have found, when considering precision manufacturing, especially for the medical device community, it’s actually quite easy to be very accurate with our answers and communication both internally and with every customer. This is a business born from exactness, where the smallest of detail overlooked will reveal itself quickly.

Having the proper quality initiatives in-place, tested and in-tact vastly assists us in achieving this level of communication integrity.

Find out why your medical device or part design and production-methodology could be in better hands by calling C-Axis for a thorough, honest and transparent review.

C-Axis Cleveland Trade Show

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C-Axis Medical Contract Manufacturer will be in Booth 1026

Looking Forward to Seeing You in Cleveland March 29th & 30th 2017 at the AD&M/MD&M Trade Show!

C-Axis Cleveland Trade Show March 2017

Medical Contract Manufacturing

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We Keep Medical Contract Manufacturing Lean and Clean So Economies are Seen

 We know there are other medical device contract manufacturers out there. Many are very good at their craft, so it becomes even more important to uncover ways to help our customers with their successes, perhaps trying a little harder than others.

Let’s begin with the whole business concept surrounding “efficiency”. The C-Axis way is to analyze:

  • Mannerisms
  • Procedures
  • Processes
  • Equipment capabilities
  • Quality methodologies
  • Procurement negotiations
  • Sourcing variables
  • and any other mechanism that has a “value” attached to it.

Then, give that procedure its due diligence, reverse-engineer it, break it apart and find ways to make it more efficient.


To offer that cost-savings to our customers, giving C-Axis a leg-up when it’s decision time for any current or new customer.

The C-Axis Management Team has instilled these initiatives in each and every employee. They lead by example.

C-Axis is a lean machine but we know… to most any procedure, there is a better way, even as small or large that adjustment may be, it helps the bottom-line and ultimately assists our customers in realizing this medical contract manufacturing partner is actually “a trustworthy partner”.

Offering such premier medical device services will always come at a cost, but those costs need not be sky-rocketed because of the high-level of expertise and service.

Take the procedure of sourcing raw materials. At C-Axis, this is a true art-form. It really has to be, because so many of our customers need us to work with exotic or precious materials, or source specific amounts that are created in the same batch or lot.

The continuity of implantables is imperative and often the manner in-which our material procurement specialists must work, reflects an orchestrated, systematic and documented operational approach.

They truly are economists. Because we have professionals who know how to do this correctly, the first time—we save time, we save dollars, we save our customer’s investment, all in order to continue to perform at noticeable higher-levels.

Please keep reading these entries for more evidence of the C-Axis lean, clean and ability to be seen cost-conscience mannerisms…so often they uncover themselves at the most interesting of times.

 We’ll keep you posted!

C-Axis New President

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C-Axis Position Change Announcement

C-Axis is pleased to announce that January 1st, 2017 Dave MacAllister has accepted the position of President of C-Axis Minnesota and C-Axis Puerto Rico.

Dave came to C-Axis with over 30 years of manufacturing experience in the Medical Device industry.

Dave recently held a Director of Operations position with a major Medical Device company and for the last year has been the General Manager of the C-Axis MN facility.

Dave is highly regarded among his peers as an insightful leader and technically brings many years’ experience manufacturing all types of Medical Devices.

Please welcome Dave in his new role at C-Axis.

C-Axis Cutting Edge Technology

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Come See C-Axis’ Cutting-EdgeTechnology Booth 1226c-axis-san-jose-tradeshow-dec


The High Cost of Medical Device Development…Where Does the Money Go?

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The High Cost of Medical Device Development…Where Does the Money Go?

Medical Device OEM’s want clear and concise answers; C-Axis dares to bring it. 

It is not the Medical Device Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) fault, nor specifically the Design Engineer, Procurement Management or the Production Supervisor; the innovators that bring their ideas to a true medical device development/manufacturing company should find a real partner in their effort to bring a concept to reality.

The truth lies within planning, or perhaps we should state, the lack of that sometimes nebulous concept…and it is a big concept in successful medical device manufacturing.

The rub is this…when the manufacturing company operates under a smaller banner of product development strategy, planning (which should include: prototyping, R&D, process design, quality management, material selection and all the other steps in the production-process which actually do require extensive planning) often go unaddressed until it’s too-late to halt the “product development cost-train” which is often speeding along way too fast to slow it’s pace or shut-down quickly.

It is known that many Medtech contract manufacturers submit estimates (based often upon rudimentary drawings) along with caveats which may well turn into a high frequency of “change orders” helping to justify higher production costs.

That is not “best practices”. Nor is it the way to build solid relationships for the future.

This is also about the very real ability and fervent desire to communicate with each other. Contract manufacturers within the medical device community need to be up-front and on top of their current understanding of their own capability-set and what is available outside their own purview which can assist in streamlining the process.  

The ideas need to be shared. Production steps need to be meticulously outlined and discussed. Consensus needs to be reached.

Every rock (or boulder in some cases) needs to be toppled over and looked at with well-focused eyes. Only then can the higher cost of development be tamed.

Experience counts in this arena. Knowing what has worked in the past, but more importantly what has not, is generally a significant key to unlocking lower developmental costs.

The well-shared but often-times overlooked steps behind real “Design for Manufacturability” studies must be a significant link in the production-process before anything is started.

These studies (from an enlightened contract manufacturer) will show how actual cost-savings are uncovered, as well as, ways to bring the part, component or assembly to market in the most time-effective manner.  

Helping to bring a new product to market on time can be a huge cost-saving measure, as well.

Bottom-line, do not fall short when choosing a medical device contract manufacturing partner.

It can mean the difference between bringing your best possible version forward, ready to help save lives, or a failed attempt still on the table…awaiting approval for more cost-overruns.

Medical Device Technology

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Medical Device Technology – Expectations Must Be Met 

Medtech (a.k.a. Medical Technology) Design Engineers and other medical device decision-makers have a certain set of expectations when choices must be made regarding contract manufacturing.

It is surprising how many contract manufacturing companies think their facility, which may house various equipment and inspection areas, are enough to provide all that is needed (and expected) to fulfill the actual needs of the medical device community.

It is also somewhat surprising how many manufacturing entities provide service to the medical device original equipment manufacturer (OEM) but also share that space to manufacture parts, components and even assemblies for many other markets.

Let’s face it, Medtech is different. The needs often supersede those of automotive, aerospace, industrial and so many other specific markets with their own requirements; markets that often do not require the extreme precision, cleanliness, development-mapping, attention to time and cost analysis like Medtech.

It was under such a banner that C-Axis was created. 

Whether the Medtech OEM enters the doors of the Minneapolis or the Puerto Rico facility, we know eyes and ideas become more open to possibility. We’ve seen this happen, over and over again.

Through the years, this company has grown by harmoniously accommodating one specific marketplace.

The facilities and all that each represents in terms of their capability are one thing, but it is the manner in which C-Axis performs that truly takes on a “different meaning” when actual medical device contract manufacturing is being performed.

Most likely, and most often discussed, is the whole ideation surrounding “cross-functional/multi-disciplinary team work”.

Basically, what the Medtech OEM sees and understands about C-Axis is how engineering, quality, process-planning, purchasing and delivery systems are in constant communication not only internally, but with every customer. 

This is done as a single-unit of performance and the intentional desire is built around making sure the C-Axis customer is never kept in the dark.

It works. It stands apart. It has been fine-tuned and honed but is always open to becoming better. 

Cross-functional, multi-disciplinary teamwork is a consistently working, non-judgmental system approach to bring Medtech a new state-of-being based purely upon the peace of mind of every customer C-Axis serves.

The idea that each customer’s project is transparent, of course only to them, is as an effective approach to satisfying Medical Device OEM expectations as we have found.

Without any doubt, that performance-pledge will continue to grow and expand as more and more Medtech OEM’s bring further expectations to the table. C-Axis will continue to find successful ways to provide answers…working together as one.

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It’s the Last Day of the Minneapolis TradeShow!

C-Axis is in Booth #1204

c-axis sept tradeshow


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Sept Tradeshow

Come See C-Axis in Booth # 1204

c-axis sept tradeshow