Robodrill Precision Machining

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RobodrillRobodrill  The Fanuc RoboDrill is a state of the art machine that brings High Speed, High Precision, and High Power 4 and 5 axis contour milling capability to the Minnesota facility.

  • This technology will give our customers access to precision micro machining services in prototype and production scenarios using all types of materials especially well-suited for Titanium Orthopedic Devices.
  • The machine capabilities include 24K RPM spindle with a 21 tool capacity.
  • The machine is also fit with a pallet shuttle to gain high utilization and 4th rotary axis.

Call us today with any questions on how the Robodrill will improve the bottom line for your medical contracting projects.

April 13-14 Boston, MA

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Come See C-Axis, Inc.

Boston 2016

MDM West Expo – Anaheim, CA

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Come See C-Axis, Inc.
BillingMDM West C-Axis

Precision Machining

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Precision Machining for the Medical Industry

BIOMEDevice Tradeshow San Jose CA

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Come See C-Axis, Inc.



MedTechWorld Tradeshow Minneapolis MN

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Come See C-Axis, Inc.




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Come See C-Axis, Inc. at: Booth # 217



Implantable Medical Devices

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C-Axis Specializes in Manufacturing Medical Device Components

C-Axis, Providing Full Access

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Throughout the history of modern manufacturing practices, a vital element of production seems to consistently come into play.

Once production is finalized, how will parts be delivered and what types of inventory techniques are offered?

From the beginning of their existence, C-Axis has looked upon the process of production, especially within the medical device arena, as a whole-process. It ‘s actually quite amazing that many companies catering to the precise needs of the medtech world don’t consider how product will be delivered, while creating internal processes to meet the requirements of their marketplace.

At C-Axis, the idea surrounding product, part, component or assembly delivery is well-established; here you’ll find a thoroughly thought-through process with established menu-like protocols offering most any option available to all medtech customers. This is imperative for sustaining any customer and their particular requirements over time.

C-Axis understands process-controls are (and should be) an integral part of a true “full-service” manufacturing “power-house”.  Bottom-line…process controls that include a full-suite of delivery and inventoried options is absolutely imperative, and they exist at C-Axis…tested, working and ready for implementation.

C-Axis is a medical device manufacturer that understands every nuance of inventory management and customer-process-requirements (CPR). They offer real Vendor Managed Inventory Services (VMI) which provides reduced inventory, better availability, and lower inventory management costs by customized collaboration between C-Axis and their customers often changing or abolishing traditional ordering processes.

Instead of sending purchase orders, customers electronically send daily demand information to C-Axis. Replenishment orders are generated for the customer, based on their demand requests. The process is guided by mutually agreed upon objectives for the customer’s inventory levels and fill rates which can potentially lower transaction costs.

Other inventory management services include more traditional Kanban modeling and Customized Delivery/Inventory Processes and most any other form of requested delivery options. Pliability is absolutely imperative when striving to best-meet the real manufacturing needs of the medtech community.

Being a part of the solution from the start is where C-Axis strives for placement in the minds and eyes of every medical device OEM they serve. Inventory Management has become a force behind that claim and will continue to be. C-Axis believes such practices should be available from all manufacturing entities that serve the medtech global-demand.

BIOMEDevice Tradeshow

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Come See C-Axis, Inc. at: Booth #630

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