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Come See C-Axis, Inc.




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Come See C-Axis, Inc. at: Booth # 217



Implantable Medical Devices

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C-Axis Specializes in Manufacturing Medical Device Components

C-Axis, Providing Full Access

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Throughout the history of modern manufacturing practices, a vital element of production seems to consistently come into play.

Once production is finalized, how will parts be delivered and what types of inventory techniques are offered?

From the beginning of their existence, C-Axis has looked upon the process of production, especially within the medical device arena, as a whole-process. It ‘s actually quite amazing that many companies catering to the precise needs of the medtech world don’t consider how product will be delivered, while creating internal processes to meet the requirements of their marketplace.

At C-Axis, the idea surrounding product, part, component or assembly delivery is well-established; here you’ll find a thoroughly thought-through process with established menu-like protocols offering most any option available to all medtech customers. This is imperative for sustaining any customer and their particular requirements over time.

C-Axis understands process-controls are (and should be) an integral part of a true “full-service” manufacturing “power-house”.  Bottom-line…process controls that include a full-suite of delivery and inventoried options is absolutely imperative, and they exist at C-Axis…tested, working and ready for implementation.

C-Axis is a medical device manufacturer that understands every nuance of inventory management and customer-process-requirements (CPR). They offer real Vendor Managed Inventory Services (VMI) which provides reduced inventory, better availability, and lower inventory management costs by customized collaboration between C-Axis and their customers often changing or abolishing traditional ordering processes.

Instead of sending purchase orders, customers electronically send daily demand information to C-Axis. Replenishment orders are generated for the customer, based on their demand requests. The process is guided by mutually agreed upon objectives for the customer’s inventory levels and fill rates which can potentially lower transaction costs.

Other inventory management services include more traditional Kanban modeling and Customized Delivery/Inventory Processes and most any other form of requested delivery options. Pliability is absolutely imperative when striving to best-meet the real manufacturing needs of the medtech community.

Being a part of the solution from the start is where C-Axis strives for placement in the minds and eyes of every medical device OEM they serve. Inventory Management has become a force behind that claim and will continue to be. C-Axis believes such practices should be available from all manufacturing entities that serve the medtech global-demand.

BIOMEDevice Tradeshow

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Come See C-Axis, Inc. at: Booth #630

boston billing

Strategic, Yet Thoughtful Considerations for the Medtech Industry

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What it means to be “full-service” to a specific market.

We have all seen it before…manufacturers with a good array of machine tools, some inspection equipment, a table area dedicated to assembly and a shipping department with various sized boxes and labels ready to ship parts.

The problem begins and ends when such a facility performs for various market segments, all with specific needs and requirements. They may even be ISO registered, but somewhere in the mix of production schedules, a part appears for an airplane, another for an automotive engine and yet another being prepared for food processing equipment…and by the way, they also can manufacturer for the medical device market. Maybe.

In certain actuality, there are a myriad of reasons a true medical device manufacturer stands apart from the multi-market machine shop. This is especially true when that company was created for the medical device OEM, from its inception, true to the core and dedicated to the stringent needs of that particular segment only.

When C-Axis was being formulated years ago, the creators made certain that specific requirements of medtech businesses were met. Every work station and facility process-flow was determined to create greatness and success for the medtech OEM’s they were serving. Greatness, as derived from dedication to “full-service” and a true desire for actual vertical market integration from a complete manufacturing standpoint. What the medical device market requires, C-Axis would deliver, period.

Now, years into the making, C-Axis continues on that same pathway. Consistently asking the medical device OEM’s they serve how they can best assist them, what their actual needs are now and into the future, and consistently making adjustments, amendments, adding new streamlined processes to make every request a successful reality.

Attempting to plan for the future of the medtech industry is also a primary objective at C-Axis. That’s why, both the Minnesota and Puerto Rico facilities have grown substantially–consistently integrating new technology while relinquishing the old.

Being an ISO 13485 manufacturing facility is an obvious necessity, as well. However, it is the specific manner of performance and robust capability-set of both facilities that truly make a difference for the one and only market they serve.

Quality Initiatives at C-Axis!

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Purposeful Medtech Performance Surrounding Quality Initiatives at C-Axis




The professionals at C-Axis believe QUALITY is often a term simply aligned with ISO Certifications and Inspection Procedures. While both are of vast importance to the medical device community, especially when considering a Medtech manufacturing partner, QUALITY at C-Axis encompasses a greater-good to every customer; traveling far past those quite obvious, but vitally necessary elements.

Take for example, the seemingly obsessive need to be as current and streamlined as possible regarding manufacturing process and procedure. C-Axis is consistently improving itself internally to best serve the Medtech world. Within the Minnesota facility alone, the company has gone through an extensive overhaul of machine tools, upgrading and replacing outdated and obsolete equipment, adding new technology to the already robust mix, and remains on-course to perform such evaluations on a continuous-basis, not just when the time “feels right”.

This facility is consistently upgraded for speed and accuracy. Most recently, C-Axis added dedicated workstations for specific processes. This was implemented to focus areas of the facility to certain tasks, making for quality-assessments to happen on a nearly hourly, sometimes minute-to-minute basis. This operational decision also aides the professionals who perform the tasks for greater personal well-being, limiting exposure to possible safety issues and minimizing risk of performance breaches.

The building itself has been the subject of ongoing upgrades, inside and out, all for the advancement of minimizing risk and enhancing quality control. The Vision System was added for steady, reliable in-process inspection procedures. (Please read more on the Quality Page of this site).

The company has even upgraded its environmental safety quotients making all workstations free from pests and insect-agents, while assisting the planet with greener initiatives.

C-Axis is ISO 13485 Registered and continuously follows-through with the systems and quality efficiencies necessary to stay ahead of the pack. But now you know, this company goes beyond what most precision manufacturing companies simply settle for; C-Axis believes QUALITY (and all they feel it stands for) is a #1 Priority, no matter what.

Start by giving C-Axis a call. Your contact is Scott Manea, he can be reached at

763-478-8982 (in Puerto Rico please call 787-961-5120) or send a message to:

C-Axis PR Seeking to fill Program Manager Position!

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Program Manager Position-PR

Program Manager

C-Axis PR, Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality precision machined parts primarily for the medical device industry. We are currently seeking an energetic, highly motivated and self-starter to join our team.

Primary Objective of Position

Thorough understanding of the customer’s needs and provide solutions. Effectively manage and grow assigned customer accounts to achieve Customer Satisfaction and company objectives. Provide project leadership on a day-to-day basis for all phases of customer projects from inception to completion.

Job Description Click Here


C-Axis Puerto Rico, Inc.

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Can Happiness Really Be Found In The Carribean?

FeaturedTo many, the answer to that question may be obvious. However, for Medical Device OEM’s, their answer reflects the uncovering of a real “diamond in the sand”.

Wafting through the subtle scents of coconut and ocean breezes sits a specialized manufacturing facility built for speed, delivery, robust applications and engineering prowess. Through strategic planning and dynamic execution, C-Axis opened the doors of their state-of-the-art medical manufacturing facility back in 2003 to provide Medical Device OEM customers a new alternative for complete medical device manufacturing. And, it has made a big difference in how their customers see the world of powerfully-functioning manufacturing options.

The island of Puerto Rico (US Territory) provides several positive reinforcements in comparison to that of stateside facilities. For instance, C-Axis has sourced and acquired a talented group of quality manufacturing professionals, educated in Puerto Rican Universities who specialize in quality technical and engineering manufacturing techniques using true, strategically-selected state-of-the-art equipment. The facility also houses on-site secondary operations making the experience of “one-stop-manufacturing” an actual reality there. This, along with specific tax incentives and operating under ISO 13485 Guidelines makes for an experience that Medical Device OEM’s from around the globe are applauding, while enjoying greater successful outcomes. Fortune 500 OEM’s are actively participating, along with many medium-sized companies, even smaller start-ups. They all are finding the same positive and prominent characteristics often missing from other facilities.

If a robust, complete design engineering and specialized manufacturing entity, providing certain monetary gains and greater operational functionality is what you’re looking for– C-Axis in Puerto Rico may be a good choice to place on your options-list…and yes, you may well be a happier Medical Device Company for it.

Start by giving C-Axis a call. Your contact is Scott Manea, he can be reached at

763-478-8982 (in Puerto Rico please call 787-961-5120) or send a message to:


C-Axis Uses PartMaker Software

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Partmaker Software Helps Medical Device Manufacturer

Featured-PartMaker-SoftwareUsing Delcam’s PartMaker CAM software has given medical device manufacturer C-Axis the ability to manufacture complex, high-quality medical parts very efficiently. The company uses a range of six multi-axis CNC mills and Swiss-type lathes, the most complex of which is a twelve-axis Star ECAS-20T. Of course, when programming such sophisticated parts on such complex machines, being able to quote, program and set jobs up efficiently is paramount.

Open PDF for complete article.
C-Axis uses PartMaker Software