Medical Contract Manufacturing

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We Keep Medical Contract Manufacturing Lean and Clean So Economies are Seen

 We know there are other medical device contract manufacturers out there. Many are very good at their craft, so it becomes even more important to uncover ways to help our customers with their successes, perhaps trying a little harder than others.

Let’s begin with the whole business concept surrounding “efficiency”. The C-Axis way is to analyze:

  • Mannerisms
  • Procedures
  • Processes
  • Equipment capabilities
  • Quality methodologies
  • Procurement negotiations
  • Sourcing variables
  • and any other mechanism that has a “value” attached to it.

Then, give that procedure its due diligence, reverse-engineer it, break it apart and find ways to make it more efficient.


To offer that cost-savings to our customers, giving C-Axis a leg-up when it’s decision time for any current or new customer.

The C-Axis Management Team has instilled these initiatives in each and every employee. They lead by example.

C-Axis is a lean machine but we know… to most any procedure, there is a better way, even as small or large that adjustment may be, it helps the bottom-line and ultimately assists our customers in realizing this medical contract manufacturing partner is actually “a trustworthy partner”.

Offering such premier medical device services will always come at a cost, but those costs need not be sky-rocketed because of the high-level of expertise and service.

Take the procedure of sourcing raw materials. At C-Axis, this is a true art-form. It really has to be, because so many of our customers need us to work with exotic or precious materials, or source specific amounts that are created in the same batch or lot.

The continuity of implantables is imperative and often the manner in-which our material procurement specialists must work, reflects an orchestrated, systematic and documented operational approach.

They truly are economists. Because we have professionals who know how to do this correctly, the first time—we save time, we save dollars, we save our customer’s investment, all in order to continue to perform at noticeable higher-levels.

Please keep reading these entries for more evidence of the C-Axis lean, clean and ability to be seen cost-conscience mannerisms…so often they uncover themselves at the most interesting of times.

 We’ll keep you posted!

Strategic, Yet Thoughtful Considerations for the Medtech Industry

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What it means to be “full-service” to a specific market.

We have all seen it before…manufacturers with a good array of machine tools, some inspection equipment, a table area dedicated to assembly and a shipping department with various sized boxes and labels ready to ship parts.

The problem begins and ends when such a facility performs for various market segments, all with specific needs and requirements. They may even be ISO registered, but somewhere in the mix of production schedules, a part appears for an airplane, another for an automotive engine and yet another being prepared for food processing equipment…and by the way, they also can manufacturer for the medical device market. Maybe.

In certain actuality, there are a myriad of reasons a true medical device manufacturer stands apart from the multi-market machine shop. This is especially true when that company was created for the medical device OEM, from its inception, true to the core and dedicated to the stringent needs of that particular segment only.

When C-Axis was being formulated years ago, the creators made certain that specific requirements of medtech businesses were met. Every work station and facility process-flow was determined to create greatness and success for the medtech OEM’s they were serving. Greatness, as derived from dedication to “full-service” and a true desire for actual vertical market integration from a complete manufacturing standpoint. What the medical device market requires, C-Axis would deliver, period.

Now, years into the making, C-Axis continues on that same pathway. Consistently asking the medical device OEM’s they serve how they can best assist them, what their actual needs are now and into the future, and consistently making adjustments, amendments, adding new streamlined processes to make every request a successful reality.

Attempting to plan for the future of the medtech industry is also a primary objective at C-Axis. That’s why, both the Minnesota and Puerto Rico facilities have grown substantially–consistently integrating new technology while relinquishing the old.

Being an ISO 13485 manufacturing facility is an obvious necessity, as well. However, it is the specific manner of performance and robust capability-set of both facilities that truly make a difference for the one and only market they serve.